The WP29 and Adequacy Referential

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Adequacy Referentia

The WP29 working paper on adequacy Referential has adopted 28 November 2017.

This working document seeks to update Chapter One of WP29 relating to the central question of adequate level of data protection in a third country, a territory or one or more specified sectors within that third country or in an international organization (here after: “third countries or international organizations”).

This document will be continuously reviewed and if necessary, updated in the coming years, based on the practical experience gained through the application of the GDPR.

This document aims to provide guidance to the European Commission and the WP29 under the GDPR for the assessment of the level of data protection in third countries and international organizations by establishing the core data protection principles that have to be present in a third country legal framework or an international organization in order to ensure essential equivalence with the EU framework. In addition, it may guide third countries and international organizations interested in obtaining adequacy. However, the principles set out in this working document are not addressed directly to data controllers or data processors.