CNIL published its first report

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Quantified assessment after the entry into force of the GDPR

Four months after the entry into force of the GDPR, the CNIL published its first report.

This report mentioned the following:

  • 24,500 organisations appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO);
  • More than 600 notifications of data breaches have been received, involving approximately 15 million people (approximately 7 perday since May 25, 2018);
  • A large amount of authorisations requests relatingto “health”: more than a hundred requests received, particularly in the research domain;
  • 150,000 downloads of the simplified registry of processing model proposed by the CNIL.

The CNIL as also announced that it had received 3767 complaints (2294 complaints in the sameperiod in 2017). This represents an increase of 64%.

The CNIL has also received two collective complaints: La Quadrature du Net (Google, Amazon, Facebook, LinkedIn and Apple) and the association NOYB (Google).