Workshop GDPR website compliance

Online training - Montreal 8h30-11h30 - Brussels 14h30-17h30

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3 hours



from 14h30 to 17h30

Training + VAT: 195 €

Type: GDPR

Target audience: All person working or interested in data protection fieldCompliance OfficerCurrent and future DPODirectorMarketing Manager

Prerequisites: no prerequisites required


In a context where companies are developing increasingly sophisticated tools to learn more about their customers, websites represent a real showcase for companies. With data protection regulations, it therefore becomes imperative to comply with practices on websites.


The training will enable you to:

  • Understand the fundamental principles of personal data protection
  • Identify the issues and impacts of regulations on your privacy policies
  • Bringing your websites into compliance


  • Reminder of the main principles of data protection
    • The data protection framework
    • Data protection principles
    • Data protection actors: their rights and obligations
  • Impacts on your web compliance
    • Inform the data subjects and ensure transparency
    • Provide relevant information at the relevant location
    • Ensure the management of requests to exercise the rights of data subjects
    • Ergonomics and privacy policy on the website
    • Cookies: implementation, information, management etc.
    • Online security

Certificate of participation

It will be issued to you by MGSI Sarl, an accredited training organisation in Luxembourg.


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