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Online training - Montreal 8h30-11h30 - Brussels 14h30-17h30

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3 hours



from 14h30 to 17h30

Training + VAT: 195 €

Type: GDPR

Target audience: All person working or interested in data protection fieldChief Data OfficerCompliance OfficerCurrent and future DPODirectorMarketing Manager

Prerequisites: no prerequisites required


In a context where marketing departments use more and more data, companies are developing more and more sophisticated tools in order to learn more about their customers. With the new data protection regulation, it becomes mandatory to comply with marketing practices.


This training will enable you to:

  • Understand the fundamental principles of personal data protection
  • Identify the issues and impacts of regulations on marketing practices
  • Bring your marketing operations into compliance


  • The main principles of personal data protection
    • The data protection framework
    • Data protection principles
    • Data protection actors: their rights and obligations
  • The impact on your marketing practices
    • Commercial prospecting
    • Cookies and trackers
    • Mobile applications
    • Location
    • Profiling and automated decisions making
    • Connected objects

Certificate of participation

It will be issued to you by MGSI Sarl, an accredited training organisation in Luxembourg.


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