Workshop GDPR : Complete your record of processing activities

Online training - Montreal 8h00-12h00 - Brussels 14h00-18h00

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4 hours



from 14h00 to 18h00

Training + VAT: 195 €

Type: GDPR

Target audience: All person working or interested in data protection fieldChief Data OfficerCompliance OfficerCurrent and future DPODirector

Prerequisites: good knowledge of data protection or GDPR fundamentals


Keeping a record of processing activities is almost mandatory for all bodies (private or public). The record is used to list and detail the processing of personal data and to identify the actors within the organisation (operational governance). Knowing how to efficiently manage the record of processing activities allows you to manage your time and to check the security measures put in place for each processing activity.


This training will enable you to:

  1. Understand the objectives of a record of processing activities and its importance within the organisation
  2. Identify the requirements of the GDPR in order to be able to complete your record of processing activities
  3. Determine the best granularity of the record according to the progress of your compliance process.
  4. Improve traceability of the keeping of your record in accordance with the GDPR


  • Reminder: the main principles of data protection
  • The compliance project
  • The record of processing activities
    • Definitions, mandatory registry entries and other related documented information (e.g. security policy, retention policy)
    • Roles and responsibilities of the different actors in the development and review of the register
    • The form of the processing register (written and/or in electronic form)
    • Risk analysis, technical and organisational measures, transfers, etc.
    • Keeping the record of processing activities: practical workshop and concrete example

Certificate of participation

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